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Looking for a wood flooring service with skill and lots of experience? B&J Hardwood Floors continues to improve already high quality standards, installing, sanding & finishing thousands of square footage of wood flooring over 18 years of experience. That's a lot of wood! To discuss how to rejuvenate your home, please contact us for a free estimate.

Sanding and Finishing Existing Floors

The most common floor service we provide is refinishing existing floors. There are many different sanding and finishing situations we encounter from extremely aged floors with thick softer finishes to newer neglected floors, which can only be effectively dealt by knowledge that comes from 18 years of experience.

New Wood Floor Installations

Sometimes involve tearing out the existing floors and top layer of sub-floor, new wood floor installation projects are full service, which includes: purchasing new wood and materials at competitive prices, delivering new wood and all materials to your home, installation starting from a good base, and sanding and finishing to your preferences.

Repair Work

A valuable skill to many customers is our ability to repair floors. We are able to minimize the cost of damaged floors by removing bad boards. We replace new boards to match the existing floors, nailing and gluing for long-term stability. Our result is uninterrupted beauty! Also, repair work can fill areas without flooring, due to a moved wall, an unused vent, or a kitchen cabinet remodel.

Recoating: A simple way to make your floors new again!

Sometimes, recoating hardwood floors is overlooked as a tool for reinvigorating your home. In just one day, we can bring your floors back to life! When to do this depends on how heavily the floor is used. If you have pets and active children, you want to recoat as often as every six to twelve months. If the floor sees very little activity, it can go for years without any work. As an overall guideline, every three years you should recoat. Otherwise, the whole floor may have to be sanded and finished due to over-used areas.

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